Frequently Asked Questions

How Does The Menu Design Process Work?

You will receive a questionnaire as a part of the inquiry process that will help us to determine what kind of menu you are looking for, including any specific dishes, cuisines, or flavor profiles you want. Chef Lake uses that information, and what we learn about you in our initial consultation, to create a menu proposal. We will then work with you to make any changes to the proposed menu until it's just right for you and your event.

What Is The Difference Between Catered Events and In-Home Private Chef Services?

The food for catered events is largely prepared off-site and transported to the event venue for service. In-home private chef service means the food is both prepared and served on-site.

How Does The Pricing Work For Catered Events?

We charge a menu price that is calculated per portion, and add a service fee based on the type of service you require. The service charge for a buffet is 20% of the pre-tax menu price, while the service charge for a plated meal is 30% of the pre-tax menu price. If your event requires a different kind of service (for example, a buffet with carving stations and table beverage service), your service charge may fall between 20-30%. There is a minimum service charge of $50. If no on-site service is required, the service charge is 10% of the pre-tax menu price. You might also consider ordering off our LunchBoxes menu for pre-designed boxed lunches well suited to office meetings, workshops, and field trips.

How Does The Pricing Work For In-Home Private Chef Services?

We charge a menu price that is calculated per portion, and $50 per hour for labor. 

Do We Get To Taste The Food?

Once we've received a signed contract and non-refundable retainer to reserve your date, we will schedule a tasting so you can feel confident in the dishes you've selected for your menu. We will prepare a portion of each menu item and make note of any changes you need in flavor or presentation. When scheduling your tasting, you should keep in mind any seasonal elements that may not be available during other times of the year.

Does Lagom Provide Dishware?

We provide the platters, warming dishes, and servingware necessary for your menu. If you require flatware, glasses, linens, etc. for your event, we can help arrange that through a local event rentals company.

Can Lagom Provide Special Diet Options?

Absolutely! Chef Lake can create menus that are vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, and diabetic-friendly. If you have other dietary restrictions, let us know and we will design a menu that meets your needs.